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Why Hire a Pet Sitter and the Benefits of Using a Pet Sitter

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At TLC House & Pet Sitting Service our sitters visit dogs up to three times a day and cats once or twice a day. Love and attention, along with providing fresh food, water, and exercise are just the beginning of our services. TLC sitters and walkers are experienced and know what to do while look after your pet’s individual needs.

Tempe pet sitterBenefits to Your Pets Include:

  • Having someone responsible in case of an emergency.
  • Having one-on-one play time.
  • Love and attention.
  • Staying at home in his/her safe, secure environment.
  • Being surrounded by familiar sights, smells, and sounds.
  • Following his/her regular diet and exercise routine.
  • Reduce exposure to kennel cough and other harmful infections animals carry while being boarded.

Our experience sitters can administer medicines, both orally and by injection (for insulin) in accordance with your instructions and your veterinarian’s prescribed dosages. All the care you provide your pet is performed in your absence by our sitters/walkers on your pet’s regular schedule.

Once you experience professional pet care in your home, you’ll never worry about being away from your pet again.

While we are visiting TLC sitters and walkers do those little things to keep your house looking as though you never left, such as: hauling trash cans to and from the curb, bringing in the mail, alternating lights, picking up newspapers and watering plants.

tlc-newlogosm_optBenefits to You Include:

  • Having confidence that your pet sitter can handle any issues and responsibilities that arise such as: accidents and clean ups, pet behavioral issues, vet visits, etc.
  • Knowing that your pet is in loving, caring hands.
  • Not having to impose on family, friends, or neighbors.

TLC House & Pet Sitting Service, LLC

M-F 9am-5pm, Chandler, AZ

Phone: 480-588-1364 (1DOG)

Certified Professional Pet Care Specialist

National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, Board of Directors 2010-2015

National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, Annual Conference & Governance Committee

Arizona Professional Pet Sitters and Associates, Vice President  2007-2011, President 2012-2014

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How to Properly Raise A Puppy

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Raise ‘Em Right: How to Properly Raise A Puppy

Bringing up a puppy sounds like a good ole’ time of throwing a ball and watching him scurry after it, or cuddling up to his soft, furry face at the end of a hard day. We all know how holding a sweet little puppy can just melt your heart, but there is so much more to raising a puppy. Becoming a responsible puppy owner requires a lot of work and patience.

dogs-rescue-275x300Never Know “No!”

Your puppy was born into this world completely helpless and blind. Now, in your care, he is fully dependent on you to teach him about the world around him, as well as what behaviors are unacceptable. Unfortunately, many trainers using old, outdated methods still tell you that the first thing you should teach your puppy is the meaning of “No!” The science and theory of learning, however, states otherwise! A puppy learns quicker and far more consistently when you can prevent his bad behaviors and reward the good ones. This motivates him to perform good behaviors instead of focusing the bad behaviors. An excellent example of preventing bad behaviors would be the use of a crate or playpen for housebreaking. Keeping your puppy in a safe place while you cannot keep an eye on him prevents him from wondering into another room to potty. When you take him to the proper potty place, you can reward him for doing his business. With time and consistency, he will want to potty in the right place, because you have positively conditioned him to do so!

Training Starts Now

The very first thing you should do with your puppy is begin training. This does not mean that you should begin a full training session before stepping foot indoors, but it does mean that the moment your puppy becomes yours, you should jump straight into his schedule! Dogs rely on schedules, and your puppy is no different. If he is given the ability to potty at the correct times, eat at specific times and given ample exercise and play times you have already started training! Puppies learn from repetition, and a schedule will get his mind and body in sync with the schedule you have made for him.

Involve Everyone

Even if your puppy is meant to be yours and yours alone, ask others to chip in on his care. Puppy care can be a difficult and daunting task to do it right all alone. Puppies need a potty break every hour or hour-and-a-half. If this doesn’t fit your schedule, ask a close friend of family member to do it and get them involved in your puppy’s life. It will be both rewarding for you, your friend or family member as well as your puppy. There may be times when you cannot be there when your puppy is in need, and it is helpful for him to learn to continue his schedule, even when it is with another person.

It’s Cute Now, But Not Later

Your puppy’s jumping and barking may be cute now, but when that little Labrador grows into an extra-large canine, it will just be annoying! A large, or even medium sized dog can easily knock over a person, making it a dangerous behavior to learn. Begin your puppy’s obedience by reinforcing behaviors like: no pawing, jumping, or being forceful with others in order to get what he wants. It’s simple to teach. First, hold a toy or treat that your puppy wants and wait. Then, he will get excited, jump, bark, or even lay down. These are all typical behaviors puppies use to get what they want. Finally, the moment he gives up and looks the other way is the moment you reward him by giving him the treat or toy! Continue doing this throughout the day, especially during play sessions. He is learning that he must be polite and gentle to get what he wants.

Consistency is Always Key

You will hear this one a lot, but it is for good reason. If you let your puppy get away with something you have just reinforced bad behavior that you were working to change. Telling yourself, “It’s okay, just this one time,” will simply add confusion to your puppy’s understanding of boundaries. Stick with your puppy’s training regimen and schedule. Remember to keep it training fun. After all, it is just one big game to your puppy. With the right attitude, it can be a fun game for you, too!

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Prepare For Your Pet Sitter

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Prepare For Your Pet Sitter

Your pets deserve “An Alternative to Boarding”.  Allow them all of the comforts of home while you travel with peace-of-mind, knowing they are well cared for by your trusted, qualified pet sitter.


Consider These Tips When Preparing to Meet with Your TLC Pet Sitter

Plan to provide specific instructions for your pet and home care as well as the locations of all of your pet and home care supplies.  At your initial consultation, your sitter will gather this information, in order to tailor their services to your requests.

tlc-newlogosm_optA typical visit consists of:

  • Fresh food and water, a potty break, playtime, and lots of TLC for your pets.
  • Dog walking in your neighborhood may be provided after learning your dog’s commands, and leash etiquette during your consultation.
  • Proper disposal of pet waste and litter are also included during visits.
  • If your pet requires overnight care and attention, your sitter may offer that service as well.
  • Your sitter may also pick up your mail, alternate lights, water household plants, and take out the trash.
  • Our dedicated sitters will leave detailed notes documenting their pet and home care.  They can even check in with those nervous pet parents while they are away!


To Ensure the Best Possible Care of Your Pets by TLC House & Pet Sitting Service, Follow These Pointers

  • P1020618Be sure to leave enough food, treats, kitty litter, etc. for the time you will be away.
  • Let the sitter know where to locate pet carriers, leashes, and other pet accessories.
  • Provide the name, phone number, and address of your vet.
  • If your pet is on medication, let the sitter know, and feel free to leave detailed written instructions on how/when meds are to be administered.
  • Leave toys and other familiar objects for your pet to play with while you’re away.
  • Leave your home at a comfortable temperature for your pets.
  • Provide accurate contact information and specify how you prefer to be contacted in case of an emergency (email, text, phone call, etc.)

Give your beloved furry family members all of the comforts of home by calling TLC House & Pet Sitting Service, “An Alternative to Boarding.”  Call TLC Pet Sitters today to set up a FREE consultation at 480-588-1DOG (1364) or complete the Request a Consultation form .

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TLC Pet Sitter is a proud NAPPS (National Association of Professional Pet Sitters) Affiliate

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TLC Pet Sitter is a proud NAPPS (National Association of Professional Pet Sitters) Affiliate

napp_web_logoNAPPS is the ultimate source for pet sitters who want to take their business to new levels and for pet parents looking for trustworthy care for their pets when they are away from home.

What makes NAPPS unique?  We are the only non-profit national organization for pet sitters. We are member-run and member-driven, responding and adapting to your needs.

NAPPS provides members with continuing education opportunities, a certification program, free business forms, discounted insurance and other valuable benefits.

We help pet parents, too, with our Pet Sitter Locator and tips on everything from hiring a pet sitter to pet health and safety.

NAPPS provides free documents on emergency preparedness – not just a checklist of what to bring to a pet-friendly shelter, but detailed plans with proven solutions to a wide range of situations – for pet sitters and for pet parents.

Use the convenient big blue buttons on the right to find out more about NAPPS, the nation’s leading non-profit professional pet sitting organization.

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